Dr. Timothy Ponce is a Senior Lecturer of Technical Writing and Professional Design at the University of Texas Arlington Department of English.

I hold a PhD in English and a Certificate in Teaching Technical Writing from the University of North Texas. In addition to being a Senior Lecturer in TWPD, I currently serve as the Coordinator of Internships in the Department of English. My research in technical and professional writing uses the multifocal complexity of user experience (UX) as a tool to generate new knowledge in two primary areas:

  1. I discover innovative ways to teach the principles of UX so that students are better equipped with the skills they need to find employment, leveraging service learning and experiential learning modalities to actively teach engagement with users
  2. I use UX as a way of developing courses, keeping my students in mind as the user to create more effective and equitable classes.

My overarching research agenda addresses the intersections of pedagogy, professional skills, and employment, informing the structure of both my courses and internship program. In addition to my teaching and research, I also serve as a board member at the Society for Technical Communication Loan Star Chapter, as well as on grant review committees for the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

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