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A wise teacher learns in the midst of teaching; a wise student teaches in the midst of learning.

Mollie Marti

Dr. Ponce was my professor for a Shakespeare class of the Summer 2020 semester. This has been one of my favorite classes here at UTA for several reasons. Firstly, the learning materials and course expectations are extremely well prepared, organized, presented and communicated. Before the class began, I was nervous because I noticed that we would need to record videos of our responses to the questions. As I reached out to Dr. Ponce, he explained the importance of students becoming proficient in communicating via a video medium and as the class progressed, I started becoming more and more comfortable with this medium of communicating. Dr. Ponce’s material is interesting and the questions that he poses are challenging and had me researching and carefully considering all of the information to be able to participate in a meaningful way. Overall, Dr. Ponce helped me every step of the way, to broaden my skills across the spheres of literature proficiency, Shakespearean knowledge, critical thinking and applications to modern day issues. I am so happy and thankful that I was able to have Dr. Ponce as my professor. The level of support and expertise that he offers to his students is outstanding and I had a great sense of accomplishment once I had completed his course.

Juliet Bond – UTA Class of 2020

Dr. Ponce is one of the best instructors I’ve ever had the pleasure of being taught by. He’s very dedicated to making sure his students are well informed and shows an active excitement to teach in his own unique way. Very straightforward and very thorough, he leaves no stone unturned. In that same vein. He is a remarkable colleague and has helped many students progress with their desired plans for their lives and shows them upfront what will and will not work in a professional environment, as well as how to navigate such an environment. I truly believe students have grown, and will continue to grow, under his mentorship. 

Jada Mcfeders – UTA Class of 2020

Dr. Ponce is a great professor! He delivers material as a passionate person talking to other people, keeping a down to earth approach. While taking his 4326 Shakespeare class, I rarely needed to ask for clarification and never felt intimidated to ask a question. Additionally, he presented Shakespeare from the angle of performances, which brought the literature to life in a refreshing way that I have not seen with my other teachers and professors. If I were able to, I would have taken more of his classes.

Kathryn Kane – UTA Class of 2021

Dr. Ponce is the absolute best! The semester just started and I can already see that he goes above and beyond for his students. He makes sure we have everything we need for a better learning experience and he makes his class fun! I’m excited to learn everything he knows about Technical Writing!  

Christa Nava – UTA Class of 2022

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